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Old But Not Obsolete Window Air Conditioner

One of the cheapest solutions for home cooling is to find a function over quality. Besides, an ideal window air conditioner available online in Pakistan should function between 9,000 to 14,000 BTUs on the upside. Its costs less, yet it benefits in the long term and the installation process is adequately simple. Multiple factors such as design, the right size, and brand carry additional aspects that is directly depended in the space provided for cooling.

Best Air Conditioner Online in Pakistan

Have you considered the idea to buy 1 ton air conditioner in Pakistan if your need is to cool a single room? Whereas, if the solution requires for a bigger space cooling then turn towards split air conditioners online as these accumulate more space but gives more cooling. Take measurements before you begin your purchase, for example, that about 8,000 BTUs are enough to freeze 350 square feet of space throughout the day. Window air conditioner consists of a compressor, evaporator, and condenser.

Why Choose Window AC over Split AC?

Basically it is the old version of the modern split air conditioner you are accustomed to see around the electronic sphere. What sets the two models apart is the design and installation (function). Window air conditioner is fixed when its cooling fins are facing indoors, but the heating unit is kept on the opposing side. Firstly, the inner compartments contains fans at the front with evaporators behind and its filter in the middle that’s operated via the central control panel. Secondly, the condenser along with the compressor is mashed in a box that is kept outward for noise reduction and of course to minimize the space.

Almost equally powerful – as explained above –  a 1 ton air conditioner in Pakistan is available according to the home and office requirement of any consumer.

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