Black Friday 2017: Biggest Discount on Home Appliances in Pakistan is Coming

Many of us have heard of the wondrous Black Friday shopping sales abroad where one can get items for as low as 50% of their original price? So what is this miraculous day? Well Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day and it marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S.  This is officially the biggest shopping season of the year and every store has some kind of promotional offer.
Black Friday History in Pakistan

The term “Black Friday” came into being in the 1960’s to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season.

Why is it called “Black Friday”?

Back in the day when accounting records were maintained by hand, losses were recorded with red ink and profits with black ink. So the Friday after Thanksgiving was one where each store moved from the “red” to the “black” thus the name Black Friday came into being.

Pakistan’s First Black Friday announced last year that it would bring Pakistan its first Black Friday Sale and it would be not just a sale but a mega sale. And true to its word hosted a sale like none other. Not only did it bring Pakistan its first Black Friday Sale, but it also was the first mega online sale in a country which thought that online shopping websites were just a fad and will fade away with time. With 1.5 million visits and 55 times more orders than usual just on Pakistan’s first Black Friday sale was an event to remember.

Black Friday 2017 in Pakistan

Last year it was seen without doubt that people loved a good sale and even more when it is online. Sapphire too had launched their own Black Friday sale, but people were all praises for online portals compared to the legendary rushes and mismanagement in the physical retail outlets.

Within the first five minutes of the Black Friday sale starting, had sold all of its iPhone 6s handsets which were being sold at a whopping discount of 26% (PKR 18,000/- off!). And within five minutes they sold as many men’s shoes as they normally do in 3 months. So who says men do not love shopping? And this is just Following Daraz many other e-commerce stores had jumped into the fray and set up their own sales.

On Black Friday everything was on sale, from clothes to home appliances, refrigerators, LED TVs, even geysers and water dispensers! Websites like gave away ultimate discounts, making it the best time to buy expensive things like LED TVs, stoves and microwaves.

How did people in Pakistan take advantage of huge discounts?

Overall Pakistanis loved the Black Friday sale promotions given to them. The sales were record breaking and have cemented e-commerce site for time to come. People shopped for the entire year, buying everything from LED TVs, stoves, gaming consoles and clothes.

Thanks to the huge response this year again we are expecting a Black Friday sale, but bigger and even better than last years.

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