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Now You Can Buy Home Appliances Online Without Any Fear

To fulfill your appliance needs is our foremost priority. Here we present the latest technology appliances to the maximum cities of Pakistan. HomeAppliances.pk was discovered with the aim of modernizing the home in Pakistan with the latest tech, ensuring the availability of home appliances online and taking the household worries away from the people. Our team strived hard to fetch you home appliances that were top-notch and affordable so that majority could buy appliances online and their day-to-day tasks could be done in a swift go.

Alleviate your Routines and Savor the Discounts on Home Appliances in Pakistan

At HomeAppliances.pk, we cope to keep your home routines unbarred and freed from glitches. The platform offers the best deals and discounts on home appliances in Pakistan. Being able to buy online, from the comfort of your home, is what we promise and our mission is to put together our vision into one box and deliver it to your doorstep.

We Are The Household Army!

Technically HomeAppliances.pk is the household army who caters for your household appliance needs by bringing them to your home. Whether you wish to renovate your home, buy home appliances to keep your chores running effortlessly, or avail the discounts online, our team has got your back. From kitchen appliances to air conditioners, generators to refrigerators and from home theaters to water dispensers, you just name it. We have it all!

Homeappliances.pk deals in various authentic brands that warranty/guarantee their products and people swear by them. They include LG, Sony, Samsung, Philips, PEL, Panasonic, Haier, Gaba, Westpoint, Sonashi, Moulinex, Orient, Mitsubishi Electric, Hyundai, Homage, Hitachi, Gree, Electrolux, Dawlance, Changhong Ruba, Audionic, Anex, etc. These brands design and engineer the appliances in accordance with the on-going trends and environment of Pakistan. The AC's and refrigerators, for instance, are designed to run on low voltage and preserve the cooling during the load-shedding hours. We mete out new and trendy products and keep updating them on our website.

Browsing Guide For Online Shopping Home Appliances

Homeappliances.pk puts forward miscellaneous appliances with up-to-date technology and paramount user convenience. The Air Conditioners are further divided into portable ACs, floor standing ACs, air coolers, etc., whereas the Fans include the bracket, ceiling, rechargeable, exhaust and stand fans to keep it cool and calm. Fridge and Deep Freezers include deep freezers, refrigerators, and ice makers to enjoy your edibles cool during summers and preserve them for a longer while. Generators are apportioned into inverters, UPS, stabilizers and generators that provide unhindered electrical energy. Geyser and Heaters include electronic, fan, hot water, and gas heaters, as well as instant geysers to help you warm things up when needed. Ironing incorporates dry and steam iron to help you iron your clothes. Kitchen appliances are divided into food factories, ice-cream makers, microwave ovens and toasters, beverage makers and blenders to assist you in keeping your family happy, healthy, and their taste buds rejuvenated. The Multimedia section has audio systems, home theater systems, and LCD/LED TVs to entertain the whole family. Washers and Dryers have different types of washing machines to offer so that you can wash and restore your laundry. Last but not the least, Water Dispensers include the modern and convenient types of water dispensers to dispense hot or cold water whenever you yearn. Now buy dough maker machine with 2 years warranty.

Buy Home Appliances in Pakistan

With the latest technology, discounts on home appliances, durable, guaranteed and trendy appliances, HomeAppliances.pk has stormed the world of e-commerce. Now you can sit at home and get your appliance needs answered with just a click. Buy home appliances in Pakistan from HomeAppliances.pk to relish enumerable facilities.