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Tall and Independent Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Sub-Continent in Asia is known for its extreme hot temperatures during the summers. As you need heaters to warm you up in winters, air conditioners were made for you to kick back and chill during hot weather. Nonetheless, on the floor conditioning gives an aesthetic appeal to merge with your surroundings. Its High end features include long life filter, dual air discharge for enhanced air distribution to use indoor with higher ceilings.

Floor standing air conditioners are particular for their heavy duty cooling with dual cooling and centrifugal rotors allow climate control on vast expanse of space available. Where split ac’s fail to deliver the requirement, standing air conditioner delivers the optimum level of cooling system at one place best suitable for auditoriums, hall, work-space floor and others. Specifically developed on cost effective measures, floor A/Cs are equipped with energy-saving measures these standing room conditioners allow for seamless cooling without disruption.

Why use Floor Standing Air Conditioners?

  • Power variation offers lower and higher BTUs depending on number of tons of the standing air conditioner
  • Something called absorption heat pumps technology traps hot air from the outdoor unit
  • Independent standing air conditioners have bigger air filters that traps about 425 ml of moisture per 400 sq.feet
  • Floor standing air conditioners give quiet running and no permanent installation is required making them portable as well

Features of Floor Standing Air Conditioner

  • Extreme BTU output (10,500 – 79,000 BTU) flow to cover an entire floor
  • Because of built-in dehumidifiers allows for humidity rheostat to maintain moisture around its environment
  • Auto restart system in case of power outage
  • Multifaceted vents combined with higher energy input is equal to heavy cooling

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