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Live Your Life with Comfort and Buy Air Coolers in Pakistan

Air Coolers – randomly referred as desert coolers – work on the evaporating principle that draws hot air and subsequently draws cool air using its filter that allows water to pass from the cooler’s water tank and then cold air is returned to the room. Highly portable and easy to maneuver which insanely decreases the maximum room temperature up to 8 degrees per hour.

Cool Conditioning Air Cooler Online in Pakistan

Warm conditions of your city makes your life intolerable either if you’re living at home or working at your office. But, the cheapest solution for your unbearable life is made easy thanks to that has the widest variety of air coolers online in Pakistan. The best international brands of air coolers namely in the market are offered here. Choose between Geepas, E-Lite, Sogo, and EuropeAce who boast top ISO ratings.

Why Use Air Coolers?

  • Extremely portable to use as a home appliance
  • Zero Installation costs
  • Holds water in liters. Bigger the tank, longer the flow of cool air

Key Features:

  • Remote Control: gives wireless control for on and off, switching high or low temperatures.
  • Timer: timer based coolers enables the amount of time it is switched on or off.
  • Speed: set the speed if more settings are given for better control of cool air
  • Size: steel body have greater cooler pad area per cooler in comparison with plastic body air cooler ultimately giving you a lesser electricity bill

Get Benefits from Air Coolers

  • Room coolers are enhanced with BTU (British thermal unit); if the BTU is higher than your appliance is more efficient at cooling the room
  • Running castors (wheels) help in situating the coolers almost anywhere placing it from room to room and the air flow is in your control.
  • Air conditioners on the contrary requires a lot of power consumption for cooling single cubic feet of air and is expensive