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Wide Range of Different Kinds of Electric Fans Online in Pakistan

At, we are dedicated to providing you with outright quality fans that are not only impeccable in their performance but are also durable in their structure.

We make sure that we provide you with merely the best in the business and therefore every name that you would see in this category is of only the premium brands that are offering their products in Pakistan. The fan price ranges from 1,000 – 20,000, so choose according to your feasibility.

Our online collection of fans consists of the following types:

Bracket Fans

The headliner for these fans is that they can be attached to the wall due to their brackets. Bit low on the ground space? Bracket fans are just the fans that you are looking for. They are great for office use and libraries.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the most common type of fans and produce a relatively better cooling effect than others.

Exhaust Fans:

Exhaust fans are best for areas where there is an utter need to eradicate the heat, unpleasant smell and unwanted smoke from the environment.

Standing Fans:

Looking for something that directs air just where you are sitting? Standing fans is what we are going to advise you to purchase. They are mobile and require least energy to run.

Table Fans:

Considerably small in their sizes, these fans can produce a generous amount of cooling effect for the person sitting in front of them. They can be located anywhere and are ideal for professionals who have to deal with papers as these fans can be locked to target only a particular area. Thus no more papers flying everywhere!

Rechargeable Fans:

Owing to the hours and hours of load shedding, these fans come with a built-in battery that allows them to operate without connection to any electrical socket and can later be recharged according to the customer’s convenience.

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